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Futuristic buildings and giant pandas

Do you enjoy a city with character? Book a flight to Chengdu and explore this green Chinese city full of historic temples, classic gardens and spicy food. For a panoramic view, climb to the top of Mount Emei, one of China's four holy mountains. Or explore bustling Jin Li street to taste the real Chengdu. Chengdu will surely surprise you!

From giant pandas to an enormous complex

The Chinese panda breeding centre is housed in Chengdu. The Giant Panda Reserve in the Wolong nature reserve is a breeding centre for giant pandas to prevent the species from going extinct. Another giant, but on a very different scale, is the New Century Global Center: this enormous complex houses a cinema, a beach resort, shops and a full-scale replica of a Mediterranean village. Chengdu is not only the ideal destination for a city trip, but also as the starting point for a longer vacation in China. Treat yourself: book a flight to Chengdu now!

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Traditional temples and elegant tea houses

Chengdu offers a wide choice of museums, Taoist and Buddhist monuments and millennial temples. The most famous example is the Wuhou temple, set in a magnificent park with cypress trees. Tea leaves make for a fun Chengdu souvenir. Tea drinking is a culture here and you will find many tea houses throughout the city. Browse the Wukuaishi tea market where you find every imaginable tea variety.

Flights to Chengdu for a unique holiday

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